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Let’s talk Referrals! 

It’s a great compliment to get a referral from a trusted client, friend or colleague.  It validates that YOU are doing it right, they “like, know and trust” YOU, it’s not about the product, it’s about YOU.   Yes “YOU” have become the product! 

You’ve shown that YOU can be trusted, are accountableshow up on time, respect them, bring value to the table with your expertise, you have built a relationship that will probably be long term.

How does this work when you join a Business Networking group?

Joining a network group can open the doors to unlimited opportunities and resources.  It can put you in front of people that will become your personal marketing and referral team.

Groups like GR Business Networking can help you get connected with people that you:

  • may not have in your circle of influence
  • are natural referrals to your business
  • can collaborate with
  • are working with like-minded people that can relate to business
  • refer to your client and friends
  • commit to and are your personal diverse “business group” that you go to

Platforms like this allow you to “fast track” your Like, Know and Trust with a warm market of welcoming people quickly.

Now where do the referrals come in?

If you treat your group like a $50,000 business decision, you won’t be disappointed.  Your group is an integral part of your business, work it and you will reap the rewards.

So, what does it take to build a relationship on TRUST and feel confident that the people you are referring will do a great job?

Here are a few factors to consider: 

  1.  The way you present yourselfin the group is a great indicator of how you will interact with the clients you can potentially be referred to.   Are you:
  • Punctual?
  • Prepared for presentations?
  • Attending regularly?
  • Actively involved in the group?
  • Paying attention?
  • Helping others?
  • Do you stand out?
  • Do you look and dress the part?
  1.   Educate and training:

Your “team/group” needs to understand what you do as they are your personal marketing team.  Do they understand?

  • The benefits of your service/product?
  • Problems that you are solving?
  • Who your target market is? Age, status, hobbies, work, where are they hanging out?
  • How to know who is a good referral? What are you listening for in conversations?
  • Why you stand out?
  • How to refer you and what to say?  by email, text, phone, or ?

Teach them a simple statement and question they can ask that will lead them back to you.

  1.    Lead by example:
  • Start today and be proactive — start workingyour Net-Work and referring!
  • Book a time slot with each member of your group and complete the above exercises – even if you’ve done it before, it’s important to “just do it”and educate yourself on how to refer your team to keep them top of mind.
  • realize you are not “selling” to your group, you are building relationships so they feel confident to share their network with you as well
  • take notes that you can refer back to — keep a journal also of your weekly meetings
  • make a COMMITMENT to each other to start “asking”
  • be open to sharing your results

Participating in a group can bring amazing results when you are “all in”! 

The reality is someone has to make the first move, don’t wait, be that person and make it part of your daily routine to be actively listening to the people you meet every day to learn how you can be of service and refer the people you “like, know & trust”

This is when you start “standing out” and become that “go to” person, that everyone knows their name, likes to be around and wants to do business with?

Isn’t it great when you can generate a referral team that you actually “like, know and trust” and referrals are just a natural by-product of your relationship?   Keep it real!

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