Thanks to concerns about pollu­tion and rising gas prices, reel mowers are becoming popular once again.

One of the biggest misconceptions about reel mowers is that reel mowers are too hard to push and take more work than gas mowers. However, modern reel mowers are lighter, better designed, easier to push, and cut better than old models.

There are of course some disadvantages to using a manual mower, and they do take some effort to push, but they aren’t any harder to push than an 80 pound gas mower that isn’t self propelled. And with a reel mower you do not have to deal with the loud noise, the vibrations or the dirt, leaves and exhaust that get blown out from a gas mower. Reel mowers are a much more pleasant and safer experience to mow with.

Reel mowers offer a number of key advantages over gas-guzzling rotary mowers:

  • Reel mowers cost less than gas mowers.
  • Reel mowers are environmentally friendly.
  • Reel mowers are better for your grass. Unlike gas mowers which tear the grass, reel mowers cut the grass like scissors, leaving a fine spray of cuttings as mulch.
  • Reel mowers are lightweight.
  • Reel mowers are quiet.
  • Reel mowers require very little maintenance.
  • Reel mowers are just as easy to push as much heavier motorized mowers.
  • Reel mowers do not blow exhaust or harmful fumes.
  • Reel mowers are much less dangerous than gas mowers since they do not fling debris around.
  • Reel mowers are much easier to transport and store.


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