Differences using Colours

It isn’t because you work with someone that it is necessarily “cooperation”.

Learning collaboration depends primarily on the acceptance of differences.

When my husband and I started to work together, which spans for more than 15 years, we soon realized that we were very different regarding the way we thought, work, act, make decisions and communicated. Both of us thought we had the right approach, trying to persuade the other that he/she had to change his/her viewpoint.

A few years later, we were introduced to the concept of “different personality styles.” Of course, we knew that we were not the same type, but we did not know that our differences made us a perfect compliment!

My husband, a natural leader, visionary at the highest point, fervent and risk seeking that everything be done “yesterday” had trouble understanding that I needed more than a day to make a decision! Me, who likes to know all the details, and only take well calculated risks and prefer routine to change, could not understand his impatience.

By understanding the predominant features of our respective personality, we have learned in a fun way, to accept our differences and use them to accelerate our ability to work in sync with others, generating countless positive results in our business.

Over the years, we have passed this knowledge to our team. Each team member is taught to recognize and accept that the reactions of others may differ from their own, given their personality type.

Personality Types – (brief characteristics)

Director Type – Red – You are a person of action, you like when it things move along quickly! You like the risk and are decisive, with a don’t waste time attitude. You are a visionary, independent and effective.  You like to lead and coordinate the work of others. You are often looking to achieve and get results.

Expressive Type – Blue – You are a person more lively, energetic with a spontaneous temperament. You are centered on people. ‘We love you,’ and are motivated to work with others in a joint effort. You have a lot of creativity and you use your emotions to make decisions.

Analytical Type – Green – You are a person-centered around outcomes. You are thorough, logical, precise, serious and systematic. You prefer to work with facts in an orderly and neat fashion. You prefer routine to change and taking calculated risks.

Friendly Type – Yellow -You are a people-oriented person. You are an expert in your field and highly sought after for your advice. You prefer established interpersonal relationships and you need harmony foremost. You are a very caring person and love to help. You are a creative person who generates a lot of ideas and have a good sense of humor.


Several methods have been developed to describe and identify different personality types. Most people are a mixture of four basic personality types, but tend to have one or two dominant types. Among the characteristics that differentiate them, we find that:

  • Some people have a strong focus on the task; others are more focused on people.
  • Some are very methodical with attention to detail while others are more spontaneous and see things more broadly.
  • Some are chatty, others more reserved. No type is better than another. In business, in addition to improving productivity in the team, understanding the differences promotes, among other things, stress reduction, communication, and the ability to resolve issues and creating a work environment ensuring harmony.

Personal Reflection

  • What kind of personality do you identify with?
  • Do you recognize your colleagues, your boss, your friends, or your spouse?
  • What differentiates you from them?
  • What do you have in common with them?
  • Are you willing to accept your differences?

Margaret-Ann Davis is the Owner of GR Business Network in the Greater Ottawa Area.  For more information about GR Business Networking, contact Margaret-Ann at margaret-ann.davis@grbiznet.com or Direct: 613-294-6263

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