Edith M. Holly: Working for the People for 25 Years-and Counting

Edith M. Holly is a self-proclaimed “generalist” with deep ties to her native Ottawa South community. The vast amount of knowledge and experience that she’s cultivated over her twenty-five years of practicing law allows her to reach out to any and all Ottawa residents that have a legal issue that they cannot handle on their own. No legal trouble is too big or too small for this seasoned lawyer to help you with. From family and immigration laws to real estate and medical malpractice, Edith M. Holly has a wealth of knowledge that she will happily draw from for the betterment of her clients, no matter what their needs or income are.

Her passion for law and love for her community has established Edith M. Holly’s glowing reputation as a compassionate, well-rounded and incredibly well-received lawyer in Ottawa and beyond. Having worked in both the public and the private sector of law, as well as for business entities, has given her the ability to best utilize her profession in the goal of providing accessible legal aid to all residents of Ottawa.

In most recent years, Edith M. Holly has branched out into her own private law practice. Out of her Ottawa South office, this experienced and passionate lawyer offers a full range of services to her clients-many of whom return for additional legal assistance or go on to refer their friends and family members for their legal issues. In fact, most-if not all-of her clients first heard about Edith M. Holly through personal referral.

With post-secondary degrees in law and international law, Edith M. Holly has always placed an emphasis on advancing her education in the legal field-even before it became mandatory to do so. The wealth of knowledge that she is able to provide to her clients is one thing that truly sets her apart from other Ottawa area lawyers, who often specialize in only a smaller subset of legal matters. Instead of offering only a limited number of specialized services, Edith M. Holly utilizes her strong educational and work backgrounds to the client’s benefit across many different areas of law-because she can, and she does it well.

While many lawyers seem to become worn down or even jaded by their experiences over time in the legal field, Edith M. Holly maintains enthusiasm and passion, and stands by the principle that her profession is one specifically created with the purpose of helping people. She cultivates one-on-one relationships with her clients and will always do whatever can be done to meet with them on their time table, and make sure that they understand every step of solving their unique legal situation. If you need to schedule an appointment with Edith outside of the normal 9-5 business hours, she offers a great deal of flexibility when making arrangements with clients.

When a new client first steps through the door, they will discuss with Edith M. Holly the reasons why they are there, seeking her legal aid. From this point forward, she will work with them to not only make sure that the solution found is a favorable one, but also that they fully understand every document, every word of what is being imparted to them.

Through decades of experience in practicing law, Edith M. Holly has maintained a host of contacts on a global scale to assist with cases pertaining to international law and immigration. Much of her work surrounds immigration law, as a matter of fact. She is no stranger to working with former nationals of other nations as they move their lives over to Canada. “We are always learning, culturally,” she says of her important and fulfilling work with people from other reaches of the world, “No two days are the same in my practice.”

As a born and raised Ottawa native, Edith M. Holly cares deeply for the land in which she has lived out so much of her life. It is a priority of hers to give back to the community that has encouraged her to thrive and become the outstanding legal expert that she is today. Her work extends to not-for-profit and philanthropic endeavors, as well. Honesty, integrity and compassion are key elements of Edith M. Holly’s practice, and every client can see that as soon as she sets to work on their case.

“You need to allow clients to tell their story. The client needs to be heard, and it’s important to hear it yourself.”

Because you and your case are important to her, Edith M. Holly does all of her intake work personally. She values individuals not only as clients, but as people deserving of quality and accessible legal aid no matter their circumstances. Her strong research skills and broad spectrum of legal knowledge will be put to work for you in as efficient a manner as possible so that you can get your legal matters solved and move on with your life.

Edith M. Holly is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Bar Association. She is also fluently bilingual in English and French.