By Leesa Franklin

As a professional paint contractor I often get asked to help rescue home owners from their own paint jobs.  What started out seeming to be an easy weekend project quickly got out of control and much harder to finish than expected!  So here are a 3 quick and easy tips to help head off unwanted painting stress.

  • Invest in a few good basic tools. On the top of my list is a good 3” angle brush for cutting into wall areas and a 2 ½” brush for baseboard.  .  The wider the brush the more steady the cut and the more paint you can apply per stroke, no taping required with practice.   Also a proper microfiber 15mm nap roller sleeve, small 4” microrfiber roller  (great for doors) and a good professional extension pole.
  • Spend time to properly prepare the room. Make sure you patch all nail holes. Countersink the holes, fill with drydex patching compound, spot sand each patch ensuring the edges blend seamlessly and spot prime with paint to avoid “flashing”.  Caulk all gaps in baseboards and frames.  This will allow for smooth application of paint.
  • Establish a process. Work the room from top down – patching and caulking first, painting ceilings, then cut and roll first coat walls, cut and roll 2nd coat walls. Finish up with baseboard and other trim, however, it’s always a good idea to cut the edges of your window and door frames with semi-gloss first before you cut into your walls.  It’s easier to cut wall paint into the edge of a frame than to cut a frame afterwards with semi-gloss.


These are just a few quick pointers to help take some of the frustration out of painting and help get you started well on your way to completing a stress free home makeover.

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