Are you new to Canada? Do you want to confirm your status in Canada? Are you a refugee hoping to come to Canada? Are you a foreign national of another country who has married a Canadian and looking ot clarify your status in Canada? Should your spouse sponsor you etc.,? Are your children from a previous marriage citizens whe you become a citizen? Can they travel with me? Are you looking to understand the relationship with respect to doing business in Canada and ensureing your credentials to qualify?

All of the above questions and more weigh on individuals mind.

Was we are presented more and more with a globalized world, Canada seeks the benefit of being the number one country that everyone wants to travel to, work in and raise their families.  As such Canadain laws are ever changing to meet the needs of all who harken at our shores.

If you or your colleagues would like advice with respect to immigration law, or any of the related areas such as family, estate law (wills and power of attorney’s) and/or business law, I can be of help.

My name is Edith M. Holly and I look forward to being your advisor in building healthy communities and healty families.

To arrange a consultation either by phone: 613-248-9457 or email:

Edith M. Holly, B.A. (hon.), M.A. (War studies), LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor

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