5 things to do with leftover Halloween candy

What to do with all that extra Halloween candy?  Halloween may be officially over but with buckets full of treats sitting at home many may wonder just what to do with all of that candy.

Give it away, use it as learning tools or save it for your holiday decorations. Let’s take a look at some creative and alternative uses for Halloween candy.

Add it to a recipe

Candy and chocolate can be used as fun ingredients when baking. Create your own trail mix by opening little bags of candies like M&M and adding pretzels, whole grain cereal and dried fruit and nuts.

Use it as holiday decor

With Christmas around the corner, saving candy or freezing some in small plastic bags can easily be used for some holiday decorations. Treats can be used to decorate a gingerbread house or used to make Christmas ornaments.

The shelf life of candy does depend on its type, packaging and storage conditions. Experts say candy can last anywhere from two weeks to a year, so be sure to check labels if you’re planning on saving the treats for later use.

Use it as a learning tool

Using candy as a learning tool for kids is a great way to use excess Halloween treats. Have kids practice doing their homework with little pieces of candy like Hershey Kisses or Tootsie Rolls. Use candy for counting and sorting into groups with subjects like math.

Use it for a party

Rather than paying for candy, use Halloween treats to stuff your piñata. Piñatas are often reserved for children’s birthday parties but let’s face it, adults love them too. Stuff your left-over treats into a piñata or make a board game and use the candy as game pieces. If you’re throwing a child’s birthday party, include the treats in party bag favours. Just be cautious of giving out candy to children who may have food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Give it away

If you simply want to avoid consuming all that excess candy, simply give it away by bringing it into the office.  Your coworkers may or may not appreciate the kind gesture, but at least it is no longer under your roof.

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