Whether you’re single, or in your fifth decade of marriage, it never hurts to add a little extra romance to your life. The kitchen, as the heart of your home, is the perfect place to start. Follow these 7 simple steps to make your kitchen look sumptuously romantic…


There’s a fine line between creating a wonderfully romantic kitchen, and a garishly tacky one. Romance is a mood, a feeling, an atmosphere that relies on a confident understatement.

When selecting your kitchen colors, reds and pinks are classically romantic, but any soft color scheme will work equally well. The key to romantic colors in your kitchen is to avoid any clashes. Bold color combinations can work well as a style statement in a modern kitchen, but soft, natural, and harmonious color choices are best when it comes to romance.


The mood of a whole room can come down to the choice of lighting.

This is especially true when it comes to romance. Use soft, ambient lighting in your kitchen to set up a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, or for the ultimate romantic mood, you can’t beat good old-fashioned candle light.


Have a look around your kitchen and consider the lines and shapes or your surfaces, appliances, and decorations. To create a romantic look in your kitchen, try to include as many smooth lines, and curved and rounded objects as possible.


A true romantic kitchen involves much more than the way it looks. You ideally want to take into account all five senses, including a sense of touch. Try to incorporate items into your kitchen that have welcoming textures, such as soft clean towels.


The table is often the center piece of the kitchen and is an ideal focal point for your romantic look. Lace tablecloths, satin chair covers or cushions and decorative placemats can add a touch of romance to your table, accentuating the mood of the kitchen as a whole.


Flowers and romance are intertwined in our psyche unlike anything else. It seems they simply belong together. That doesn’t mean that you must rush out and buy expensive roses to create a romantic look in your kitchen. Choose flowers that have a pleasant aroma and complement the colors of your kitchen or a beautiful arrangement of dried flowers can work wonderfully well.


So you’ve chosen the perfect harmonious color scheme, filled your kitchen with smooth curved shapes, and turned the lights down to a soft warm glow. You’re feeling relaxed and wonderfully romantic, and then you notice an overflowing bin in the corner, and dog food on the floor. It doesn’t quite work! A clean and tidy kitchen will ensure that anyone who enters will feel at ease and enjoy the romantic look you’ve created.

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