Don’t Fix It!

Having a positive mindset is the greatest predictor of our sustained success. Goals are important, and you may have lots of them however, the best way to achieve them is to start with positivity.  Therefore, the key to this year is focusing on the good things last year.

Three optimistic resolutions:

No. 1: Why change? Be your same self.

Why should a resolution have to force you to be different? Instead of striving to do something you’ve never done before simply repeat those patterns that worked well for you this last year. Therefore your list should be made up of accomplishments where you saw progress in your life that you want to build upon.

Thinking back over the past year, what led to your best moments? Was it saving money so you could vacation someplace exotic? Was it taking more personal time to recharge? Whatever it was, resolve to do it again. Sometimes the best predictor of future performance is past performance. In general, the only way big change can occur is by repeating a pattern of positive behavior that leads to success. With that in mind, do even more of what’s already been working for you. What’s the favorite part of who you were last year? Keep it going you’re on the right track!

No. 2: Consider scrapping it.

If starting ballroom dancing has been on your list for multiple years and you still haven’t done it, it’s time to scratch it from the list. It is much better to show your brain progress rather than continually reminding it of what did not happen. This goes along perfectly with the character strengths research that shows you are better off capitalizing on one of your strengths rather than spending all your time on fixing the weaknesses. When you beat yourself up mentally for your weak areas, you waste mental resources that could be better used on your strengths.

No. 3: You’re happy NOW!…Live in the Moment.

There is plenty of excitement when you make your new year’s resolution, when you think about how amazing things will be. However, that is quickly replaced when reality sets in. A better and healthier choice is to pin your happiness to positive things from the past and good things in the present.  Although this thought process may cause you a little bit of anxiety at first, especially if you like to look to and plan future stuff. Instead, live for today. Do not worry that this will make you content to not grow in the next year.

You real goal is to: Create happiness and every aspect of your life improves in the future. That’s incredible! Being grateful daily for what you have, making someone else’s year better through an act of kindness. Being resolved to be happy and kind today, focusing on your strengths and giving yourself a break are the keys to your best year ever.

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