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The intelligent use of macro- and micro-influencers combined with healthy organic content optimized for SEO can create a brand-influencer synergy that leads to great benefits for both parties. Here’s how you can elevate influencer marketing into an important tool in your SEO toolbox.

Only Accept Content That Is High-Quality

Partnering with someone that influences is no excuse to drown users with low-quality content. To keep your brand profile looking pristine and properly capitalize on your influencer’s social clout, the content should be useful to the influencer’s followers, fresh throughout the year and, above all, engaging. If the content is created with care and interesting to the influencer’s audience, it should quickly catch on, and could possibly even go viral. Build content that has the potential to go viral. Done right, this high-quality content will generate high referral traffic and quality back links that make your content more valuable in search engines.

Thoroughly Vet Your Influencer’s

You have to make sure that the influencers you’re getting in touch with are right for your brand. The goal is to develop the most organic relationships possible. Are you trying to leverage an A-list celebrity, but ignoring the potential lack of authenticity doing so can bring to your brand? Have you considered working with far more minor influencers, who lack reach but have a truly authentic connection with their small audience? Deciding whether a macro-influencer or a micro-influencer is best will have a big impact on your brand’s influencer marketing success. Know who your audience is and identify the opinion leaders within it. Then contact those opinion leaders for collaborations. Finding the influencer who is just the right fit for your brand can be a challenge, but will be a worthwhile one. Chosen well, the right influencer will help your content appear more readily in search engine results by expanding the reach of your content to the audiences that you most want to see it, helping build your brand authority.

Optimize Your Content For Users AND Search Engines

It’s true that your content needs to be high-quality and evergreen, but that’s not all it needs to be. It needs to be written primarily for real humans, but with the search engines ever in mind. What this means is that you need to make sure your keywords are highlighted in the content without crossing the line into keyword stuffing or other blackhat SEO tactics, which Google and Bing will strike with penalties. Internal links to your pages can also be beneficial — but once again, only in moderation, as you don’t want influencer content to seem like a paid advertisement. Don’t be afraid to rely on your influencer’s knowledge: They know their audience well, and know what will resonate with them, as well as turn them off. Well-optimized content should provide a significant organic boost through referral links, as well as direct traffic.

in both the B2C and B2B worlds, influencers are top-of-mind for all marketers right now, and with these tactics in mind, you’ll help make your next campaign a success. Keep in Mind: It’s people first, numbers second. And nowhere is that more true than influencer marketing.

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