A majority of B-to-B lead generation campaigns are all about multiple touches through various media channels. But how can you decide the type of media that is optimal, and how can you ensure that all of these channels work together to give you the right leads?

The process is iterative. The first step is to establish requirements with your sales team to figure out how many qualified leads per rep you are looking to achieve. The process is also doable by products or territories. After you make your decisions, you can start to create the media mix to feed the machine!

Media mixes are a function of various variables, and you need to research them all:

  • The ROI of each medium based on the specific experience-level and industry pertaining to your company
  • The availability of a medium. Some media channels are not scheduled all the time. Think about the trade shows and conferences pertaining to your industry, and when they air, along with other media options. Not every type of media is profitable at all times. Consider the prices, whether you can generate enough leads from a particular channel and when the channel is active.
  • The time horizon of each campaign. Digital media is quicker to produce than direct mail, for example. In contrast, business events can take months to plan and finalize.
  • Think about the lead flow requirements. Some sales need more leads in the first and fourth quarters.
  • Business objectives. Are there specific industry targets you want to achieve?
  • Media can come and go over the years, in terms of its ability to attract business buyers. Thankfully there are plenty of new options available with regards to B-to-B lead generation.

Place all of the data you have and put it in a spreadsheet. You can play around with it as an iterative planning tool. The table below is an example of how these things can work:

One option you have is to expand the spreadsheet to include some more variables, such as the timing, geographic requirements and the ROI hurdle rates.

You can end up with some very inexpensive leads in the mix, and that is something you should be thankful about. The problem is that not all of these inexpensive leads are going to be enough in order to meet your revenue targets. If you want to support the quotas set by the sales force, you need to come up with several options. Rank these options based on their ROI, availability and the lead flow criteria you created. Come up with the perfect mix.

By working multiple media options in conjunction, you can create much better results than relying on one or two types of media. But make sure all the messages you are sending are consistent, regardless of the types of media you use. Inconsistent messages are a problem because they can dilute the value of your brand.

Pulling things off is not always easy, especially for larger companies. There are so many different departments handling various avenues of the company, with each department having a budget, manager and different set of employees. But you need to ensure the focus of the company remains on customer service and on having a unite message to send to your potential customers. Every outbound contact with customers, whether it is for the basis of buying things or to help customers, needs to occur in a consistent manner.

One of the techniques you can use is to have your company’s URL on all the messages you are sending customers. This principle applies to customer touch points that are not as obvious as you may think, such as packaging, invoices and marketing communications. And make sure you have a gated offer that is present on the home page.

In a similar way, outgoing media communications channels can be created in a way to support lead generation. In order to stimulate your idea generation:

– Make sure all brand-awareness advertising includes offers, call-to-actions and response devices.

– Include white paper offers, along with some response instructions, such as adding a web URL or a 1-800 number, in the press releases.

– Whenever an executive gives a speech, ensure all your customers and prospects are invited to attend.

Lead generation when done properly is harnessed through various media channels, as long as you put in the work beforehand.

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