Modern Fireplaces from Bordelet – daring, colorful

Instantly eye-catching, they will become the centrepiece of any contemporary home. Investing in a fireplace from Bordelet is investing in a lifestyle, as guests and family alike will love gathering around for warmth and socialis­ing. Their unusual forms make them pieces of art – in­tersecting lines, dramatic curves and interesting angles epitomise the range. A dash of color completes the look of these lacquered fireplaces.

Compact Pellet Stove with a Minimal Design

Thema is a compact pellet-fuelled stove by Italian manufacturer MCZ. It is character­ized my minimal, essential design, and yet it has a lot of character. Its almost cubic shape is softened by the roundness of the corners and by its tininess, which appears to be out of a toy story. The No-Air function allows it to work without forced ventila­tion, thus ensuring maximum silence and the diffusion of heat throughout the room by natural convection.

Wall-mount Fireplace from Arkiane

The Icoi fireplace is inspired by a god of the an­cient Incas. They worshipped a queen symbolised by a butterfly taking off… and the joyous ab­stract form captures this pretty, compact and light figure. The steel fireplace can be wall-mounted, or built into the wall (ideal for tight spaces). The glass door of the Icoi can be opened and closed depending on your personal preferences. www.

Modern Contemporary Fireplace

This sophisticated, suspended cylindrical fireplace features a sleek design that lets you enjoy the ambience from any angle. Placed in the center of your living room or den, or tucked into a corner, this chic fireplace will make a bold statement anywhere in your home.

Porcelain Enamel Stove – the Rustic Look

To warm up this chilly winter season, a porcelain enamel stove is an efficient, effective, and stylish way to keep your home toasty when the weather is not. These stoves are available in three versions – gas, wood, and pellet – to accommodate the fuel source of your choice.

Skinny Suspended Fireplace with Low Environmental Impact

Introducing a new model of wood burning fireplace that creates a fire with energy efficiency of 85% and emissions of only 0.09%. This eco-friendly fireplace boasts a com­pact form, allowing it to fit into the tightest of spaces while still looking awesome in a large, open area.

Hot Red Stoves by Piazzetta

This red stove from Piazzetta is hot for more than the obvi­ous reason! This vibrant hue is sure to crank up the heat in any home. The Stupenda stove takes a classical con­cept and gives it a contem­porary twist, with its rounded red body featuring a star-shaped cut-out above the firebox, which is set behind a charming steel and glass door.

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