Four Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2017

At the risk of damning these ideas by calling them resolutions – which means we’ll swear we’re going to do them, but they never get done – here are four ideas worth adding to your plans for 2017. (That’s a very manageable one per quarter for the whole year, so no excuses!)

Marketing Automation

For anyone working at anything smaller than enterprise level, marketing automation sounds scary – and unattainable – because of the expense. That’s not the case.

Yes, you can implement tools with some astronomical seat license fees, but without an enterprise-sized audience, you’re not going to reap a reasonable return. Instead, build (or upgrade) your website so that it’s focused on conversion. That means

  • Publishing content that generates interest
  • Developing calls to action to build your list
  • Automating your email for drip marketing

You can get fancier later with behavior-based triggers and other kinds of automation, but keep it simple to get started. Once you see results, you’ll be able to gauge how much of an investment makes sense.

Video Implementation

Another ‘to-do’ list item that may seems daunting and expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Even if you invest in full professional scripting, production and on-screen talent, video is useful in so many ways that you’ll be able to make your investment more than a one-shot deal.

One idea is to book your crew for a half-day shoot and prepare 5 or 6 – or more – pieces. If all but one of your pieces are evergreen, you can roll them out over the following few quarters as part of drip marketing campaign. Or you can shoot clips that will work as part of the time-based automation you have already put in place. (See above.)

Influencer Marketing

It’s not just in politics that we’re living in a “post-truth” world. It’s hard to believe anything you read these days on just about any topic. Your prospects are skeptics, too. This is the reason why trusted sources are so valuable.

Organic or paid, connecting with influencers can be an incredibly productive way to increase your reach and your standing in the market place. Social media makes it easier than ever for you to reach the influencers, in turn, for them to have the incredible reach that you’re trying to leverage.

The key is in finding influencers whose audiences overlap with your target audience, and whose services are complementary to yours.

Marketing Partnerships

Partnering with colleagues is almost 3a rather than 4, but since this is your resolution for the 4th quarter, we want to make it easy. (We all know how insane the 4th quarter can be …)

Again, the goal is to find colleagues whose audience overlaps with yours but whose services do not. The difference here is that you can frequently go one step further – or a step in a different direction – than you would with influence marketers by creating joint efforts to market around. (A wine shop and a restaurant can host wine-tasting dinner, a market research consultant and a digital marketer can create a consulting package, and so on.)

The four ideas above should not be an overwhelming amount of work for the year – and they should provide you with a great return on the time and money you invest in them.

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