On the hunt for a unique house warming gift? Finding the perfect gift can make a stressful shopping trip. Not only do you have to think about whether or not the person already has the gift you have in mind, you also have to know it’s something they’d actually like and appreciate!

The best tip for finding the perfect housewarming gift for a friend or family member is right in the name. House. Warming. Keeping to the theme of the home, whether it be something decorative, useful or just plain funny, means you can’t really go wrong. ­

Know Their Style

Before ducking out to the shops, it’s important you consider the person’s taste and overall feel in their home. Are they ultra-modern? Does the home have a country cottage feel? Or is it filled with valuable antiques? Knowing their style and the theme of the home will make choosing the perfect gift a whole lot easier. ­

Something From The Heart

Candles are one of the most popular items people buy for a friend or family member’s housewarming. And with good reason…you can never have too many! But instead of buying a boxed candle from the store, why not go for the personal touch and make them yourself? You can custom make your gift – from the jar down to the colour and scent. ­

Go Back To Tradition

Back in the day, people would give their new neighbours food as a welcoming gift. Bread, apple pie, a dozen eggs, bacon, or a sack of flour were the most common gifts. A hamper of well thought out edibles is a nice way to keep tradition alive. Try sticking with the items that have meaning, like bread (meaning you’ll never go hungry), salt (brings good luck), honey (keeps life sweet), olive oil (good health and a faithful husband), rice (symbol of fertility) and a pomegranate (good luck in the home). ­

Something Quirky

If you want to ditch home décor all together and go for something that’ll get the conversation flowing, there are a few weird and wonderful items that actually mean something when moving into a new home!

Like: ­

Toilet Paper – Hope that all problems in the home can be easily resolved. ­

Broom – To sweep away the evil and a symbol of a clean home

Bluebirds – A symbol of happiness and good luck. ­

Wood – Signifies stability, harmony and peace. ­

Tomato Plant – Italians believe it to be a symbol of good fortune and good health.


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