Eco friendly fabrics have come a long way. From niche to norm, every interior decorating trend talks about being environmently concerned and using fabrics or raw materials that are eco-friendly in nature. Here are the top eight in vogue fibers and fabrics that top the list of eco-friendly designers across the globe.


Hemp, the “super fiber” is the most versatile and the strongest in the category of natural fibers with a benefit of being 100% biodegradable.


Jute is a fiber with high biological efficiency as it is carbon dioxide neutral and easily disposable. It can be easily used as a raw material for a variety of products.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without using pesticides and insecticides in more sustainable conditions that enhance the quality of soil.

Milk Silk

Milk Silk is a very soft fiber with a velvety texture and is derived from milk hence easily obtainable without causing any hazards to the ecology.


Ramie/China Grass is about 8 times stronger than cotton and even stronger when wet. It is grown organically in Eastern Asia.

Organic Linen

Organic linen refers to yarn and fabrics made from flax fiber that comes from flax plant that is organically grown without using any fertilizers and chemicals.

Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo requires much less water and grows successfully without any fertilizers and chemicals. The products made of bamboo fibers are suitable for both summer and winter.

Soy Silk

Soy Silk is made of waste that accumulates during manufacturing of Tofu hence requires no special harvesting as such. It is also soft and luxurious.

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