Dynamic video creation is moving at a rate of knots into the future. Content optimization is where it begins, but certainly not where it ends. Algorithms will definitely be used to improve existing content and AI technology (artificial intelligence) will spawn an entirely new generation of optimized content with a deliverable message. Here are three best practices to follow when creating dynamic video content:

1. The Creative Components

Depending on your target market, the creative elements cannot be underestimated. Males and females require different types of ads as do newlyweds, couples, families and single people. This type of creative element can be incorporated in the overall image, branding, and message etc.

2. The Wow Factor

Dynamic video pre-rolls and video banners need to induce a wow response in users. The user must be captivated by the content within five seconds, or else he or she is lost forever. It has to be personalized, immersive, energetic, results driven and related to a product that the user has previously seen. This always to be done within five seconds — the magic number.

3. Content Is King

The quality of the content that is driving your dynamic video creation is crucial to the conversions that result. It doesn’t matter how good the algorithms may be with your clients — it’s what you say as much as it is how you say it. The content of the video has to resonate with the end user on an emotional level. This is far more likely to generate positive returns on investment — far greater than static conventional methods.

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