“Our image speaks to us in silence and words strike at a glance” Often people consider our appearance before even listening to what we have to say. How you introduce yourselves in business or otherwise, can build or destroy our credibility. Here are some tips to look good in a business appointment. Even before exposing the eyes, it is important to check a few things:

  1. Choose your Clothes Well Clothes that fit you in size and proportion. Avoid all too’’’’, too big, too small, too short, etc.. For example, the length of the pants for man should be half the heel of his shoe. If gentlemen, we can see your socks when you walk, it is because your pants are too short! For women, pants must be an inch of land. More trousers, the longer it lengthens your legs. Remember that what you wear has the power to make you look younger, older or older, more attractive (e), bigger or larger, but also more credible.
  2. Colors The colors stimulate the senses and can be associated with mood, time, age, character. Hence the importance of choosing the ones that put us in value. Generally these are the ones that cause compliments. A flattering color gives a relaxed look, smooth our features and makes us look younger. This avoids a tone that accentuates the skin irregularities, dark circles or redness. It is inspired by the natural color of our skin, eyes and hair colors which harmonize well together. We actually add luster by juxtaposing with their complementary.
  3. Choose your Shoes Well. Shoes are the foundation, the basis of the desired look or style. They reveal the care that you brought to your outfit. Bad shoes or neglected can sabotage your entire appearance. They must be coordinated with the style of the garment. If you want to stretch your legs, they will be the same color as the pants or the same color as the bottom for Women.
  4. Accessories add personality to your appearance, but can also destroy it. We choose a predominant part to take the spotlight and two discreet in the background. Example: jewelry for women and 3’’ C’’ for man, for example; full, shirt and tie. The important thing is that your entire appearance meets your figure without too much or too little accessories. A big bag for a small person and will unbalance the silhouette out of proportion. Present a neat picture in harmony with who you are while respecting your body and giving a positive impression. You can have confidence in the image you project to forget to perform better! Maximize your image by offering or giving an original gift with style!

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