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By Keith MacIntosh

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a married couple in their 40’s with 2 children. Since purchasing their first house 10 years ago; Mrs. Smith has taken time off work twice to help raise their children, the roof and furnace needed replacing and they have incurred extra debt from the children’s extracurricular  activities.

Currently their mortgage, credit cards, loans and line of credit payments are $3,350 per month and they are looking to lower that so they can properly insure themselves and retire on schedule.

Since they have owned the property and paid down the mortgage for the last 10 years, they have accumulated a significant amount of useable equity in their property.

Borrowing against your home is the most efficient way to pay off debt.

Let’s take a look at how this increased their monthly cash flow by $1,800/month and how you can use this “found money” to properly retire and insure yourself.


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