The Downsides of Lock-In

It is important for businesses to please their customers through excellent work, instead of keeping them as clients because they have no other choice. If you start thinking your customers will stick with you because of long-term contracts, technological issues or because there is no competition, you are lowering your standards.

This is where a lot of companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, stumble when it comes to their customer service and development.


If you start to believe that people have nowhere else to go, you stop trying to impress them with your products or services.

Even if you are right and a customer has no option but to stay with you, it does not mean they are pleased with the service. You might keep that customer, but they will tell everyone in their social circle to avoid your company.

Recommendations from people we know play a big role in where we take our money. If you believe in constantly pleasing your customers, there is no need to worry about lock ins.



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