Christmas Yard Decorating Ideas

Welcome guests to your home with Christmas yard decorations, by means of drawing the eye from the road to your doorstep. There are many Christmas yard decoration ideas to make your front yard/walkway area a bright & beautiful space. Decorate with lights, garland, and bows to really attract attention from friends and neighbors this holiday season.

Animate with a Tree of Lights: A tree of lights will shine brightly and be the focal point of your Christmas yard decorations. Using a basketball pole, C7 Light strings, gutter hooks, a tree topper, and light stakes, you can make your own tree of lights. Alternate twinkle bulbs with regular bulbs to add animation to you tree.

Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree: If your yard has evergreen trees, consider creating an outdoor Christmas tree. It will brighten up your entire yard. String mini lights throughout the branches, choosing a color theme based on your outdoor decorations. Be sure to string lights among the interior branches instead of just draping them on the exterior branches to make the whole tree brighter, and add ornaments to reflect light.

Write Christmas messages with mini lights: How about spelling out Merry Christmas in the center of your yard?!  Now that’s making a statement. You can use black out caps to make spaces between letters. You can make the words as large or small as you like. Use contrasting lights along with other lights in the yard to make your message stand out even more.

Animated Motifs: An exciting Christmas yard decoration idea is an animated motif. These motifs come in all shapes and sizes with various themes. For large yards, consider a motif such as reindeers pulling Santa’s Sleigh. There are so many different motifs to choose from, there is sure to be one that will fit perfectly into your yard decorating style.

Light the Way: Pathway lights are a great idea for creating a bright welcoming path to your front door. Stakes hold light strings in place. When choosing the height of your light stakes, remember you live in the Greater Ottawa Region. Yards with lots of snow will need a 15 inch stake, while areas with less snow will only need the 4.5 inch size.

Hang Snowflake and Star Motifs on Gates: Place glittering snowflakes or shining star snowflakes on your gates to welcome visitors to your home. You can even mount them to your house or hang them from trees to create a glittering scene. These bright motifs will definitely draw attention to your yard.

Hang Garland on Fences: Pre-lit garland works well to spruce up fences and gates. For quick decorating, select pre-lit garlands or wrap unlit ones with the lights of your choice. Long lengths of garland work best for decorating fences by allowing the garland to drape slightly in between posts. Add ribbon or other decor to coordinate with your overall design. Attach matching pre-lit wreaths to posts, windows, or doors.

Drape Icicle Lights over Fences: Hang icicle lights along fences to convey a sense of falling snow. You can also drape garland lights or mini lights in a swag display to create an attractive border around the property.

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