Weekends are definitely a period of missed opportunities for marketers, according to research by the Experian Marketing Services Company, which was announced on St. Patrick ’s Day.

“When Should I Send?” is something marketers have been talking about for so long, with marketers needing to look at their analytics to judge the best send times. This is because marketers follow the benchmark guidelines and end up ruining things for everyone by flooding people’s inboxes during the “best times” to send emails, according to the study.

Experian Marketing Services expands on their research, which states that during Q4 2015:

– Send on Weekdays and Mondays, since transaction percentages are going to outpace email volume. This means the marketing you send is going to stand out in someone’s inbox.

– Send during the early morning, because transactions are going to surpass email volume at that time as well. The hours of midnight to 4AM are the best gap for email marketers. Between 4AM and 8AM, along with 8PM to midnight, more customers are buying than marketers are sending them emails. However, the least advantageous times are from 8AM to noon.

– Do not “Batch and Blast,” Do Not Send Trigger-Based Messages. Abandoned cart or behavior-based emails are a bad idea, according to research. Think about the best times for individual customers. Do you test to find your best send times? Are these tests matching your benchmarks?

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