Room REDO!

If you have kids these may help you and them refresh and bring “go to your room” more fun for them.  Although that may not be the purpose that you intended, they may look forward to being there.

As kids grow their interest changes as well so these quick simple tips may also change with them.  Have some fun with it!

Quick Tips

As parents, we may not have the time to take on big projects!  Try any one of these quick-and-easy ways to change the look of the kid’s room and get them involved.

REPLACE – Your light bulbs with coloured bulbs to cast a glow on the space.

HANG – Strings in front of your window, and tie pictures and postcards to them.  What a great way to use your imagination to travel without leaving your room.

REARRANGE – Your posters into a new design.

MOVE – Your bed to a new location so you will wake up facing something different.

GLUE – Plastic gems onto your doorknob.

USE – A few pieces of Bristol board to make a poster of your favourite things.

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