Many people answer “no” to this question because in principle many people do not like the connotation associated “seller” in their name. Nevertheless, we are all aware that we need, sooner or later, to sell our salad! If we are not able to show what distinguishes us from our competition, well, the competition will do it for us! Here are some things to consider to help you properly present your services and products:

The First Impression:

Whether by phone or in person, people form a picture of you very quickly. Be confident in your approach; be enthusiastic, cheerful, smiling and passionate. On the phone, you must demonstrate doubling your energy to achieve encourage people to listen to you. This is the transfer of energy between you and the client will boost the confidence you need to get your message.

  1. Be Clear about the Purpose of the Meeting:

Be clear that the purpose of the call is to schedule a meeting, Validate a need to present, Is the purpose of the meeting is to obtain a contract? Present your services? Express your goal clearly at the beginning of the discussion, with the aim to encourage the customer to take the time to listen to you and eliminate the first objections.

  1. Preparing Scenarios:

The preparation of a baseline allows you to organize your ideas to be able to articulate. A good script can be easily adapted to different situations. When you have established the client’s needs, it is easier to review in your mind the basic elements to give the client to help visualize how your services or products may be beneficial to him. The scenario you avoid talking too much and stun your potential customer by all sorts of more or less relevant.

  1. Adapt to the Personality Type of the Client:

When you have a reference in addition to inform you about the company’s potential client, try to learn more about the person you meet. Is it a person who requires a lot of facts and information to make decisions or is it a person who needs to hear the whole idea only. You meet a person who makes decisions quickly or will need much more time to think about it? This information will help you adjust your script before meeting the client and add fullness to your first impression!

  1. Anticipate Objections:

It is clear that even with a reference scenario and the best in the world, you can still face various objections and resistance of the potential customer. It is impossible to interest everyone. Be still prepared to answer the most common objections in your field: I do not have time, I do not have money, I do not need this…

So now, no matter how you perceive yourself, “salesperson” or “non-salesperson” you can still use the tools that will help you “do business” so prosperous.

Margaret-Ann Davis is the Owner of GR Business Network in the Greater Ottawa Area.  For more information about GR Business Networking, contact Margaret-Ann at or Direct: 613-294-6263

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