Golf has quickly become a popular sport all over the globe. Players of all ages, walks of life, social standings and geographic locations find solace in a good game of golf. Here are seven health benefits of playing golf, as told by various golfers:
1. Reduces Stress – It’s been said that playing a round of golf releases endorphins. These are all-natural, powerful, mood-enhancing “drugs” within our brains. Basically, golfing helps you relax, reducing stress, which can affect health drastically.

  1. Stimulates Blood Circulation– Some suggest that playing golf may actually stimulate blood circulation with your brain. This helps to improve nerve cell connections, and may actually delay dementia onset.
  2. Improves Mortality Rate– A Swedish Study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports concluded that golf just may affect life expectancy. According to the publication, of those who play golf regularly, there was a 40% decrease in mortality rates. That’s an increase of a 5-year life expectancy.
  3. Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep– It’s during sleep when our bodies heal most. Therefore, any activity that causes us to sleep well, naturally, is good for our health. Between walking the course, lugging your bag, prepping and swinging, you’ll get enough of a physical workout to fall asleep fast and stay sleep all night long.
  4. Improves Vision– It takes pretty good vision to zoom in on that round, little white ball. Each time you take a swing at it, you get the opportunity to evaluate the keenness of your vision. This is especially true when you’re trying to figure out where your ball has landed.
  5. Gets Your Bladder Trained– This one was a bit surprising to hear from golfers. But, it deserves noting. Those frequent visits from your friendly course beer-cart girl can give your bladder a run for its time. The longer you learn to hold it, the more you strengthen the capacity of your bladder. And, as noted by some women golfers, it’s also an effective way to strengthen leg muscles, especially in the thighs. Those crouching maneuvers used by those who can’t “hold it” are a unique way of doing leg exercises.
  6. Stimulates the Heart– Remember that any form of physical exercise helps to get your adrenaline going. This, in turn, gets the blood pumping to your heart, strengthening it naturally. Exercising for just 30 minutes each day can help you lower your blood pressure by up to 5-7 points. Workouts also help you improve your cholesterol; lose weight and lower risks of getting heart disease.

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