Leather furniture, sofas in general, have a look and an allure that are very distinctive from fabric upholstered furniture. It has to do with the texture but also with the provenance and manufacturing process of the material. Fabric is easier to make than leather and it’s also usually cheaper. It’s why fabric sofas and beds are not perceived as being very classy or high quality by some people.
Leather beds and sofas, on the other hand, require lots of upholstery material which is not easy to manufacture or find. We’re not even bringing into discussion the difference between real leather and faux leather anymore because then the differences are even bigger.  A leather upholstered bed, regardless of the type of leather, color or texture, is a very elegant element and thus requires a certain type of décor.

Leather beds tend to impose a more sober décor and they are usually used in rooms with a neutral color palette. However, there are also other options and the possibilities are numerous. Even though a fabric-upholstered bed makes the bedroom feel a little cozier and casual, a leather bed has other advantages. It can be elegant or it can be sleek and dynamic, it can be simple or sophisticated and it all depends on the design you choose. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the variety of models you can choose from.


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