Email Marketing for SEO

Let’s start by detailing some of the benefits that an email campaign might have for your SEO campaign:

  1. Content visibility. The biggest effect to consider is email marketing’s ability to improve the visibility of your content. The ability to produce high quality content means your biggest challenge in attracting visitors and links is going to be attracting an initial audience, and email marketing can play a huge role in doing that. Through email, you can distribute your content to your most loyal followers, and get some early clicks and visitors, which can then lead to inbound links, social buzz, and shares.
  1. Ability to share content. By structuring your email correctly, you’ll also make your content inherently more shareable.  You can include share icons that allow your email recipients to quickly and easily share your content with their followers. Assuming this increases shares by even a handful of instances, this could be a new gateway to expand your audience reach significantly.
  1. Building an Audience. Consistent email marketing is also a good way to build and grow your relationship with your audience. You can attract more subscribers on your main site, and encourage all your email recipients to follow you on social media. This won’t directly improve your search rankings, but it will give you a bigger distribution network when it’s time to push your best content forward.
  1. Financial investment. Email marketing is popular largely because of its high return on investment (ROI). It costs practically nothing to set up an account with a service like MailChimp, where everything is free until you reach 2,000 subscribers. Accordingly, this makes it an attractive alternative for content promotion, compared to paid advertising. Email provides a cost-effective method for promoting content for an effective SEO campaign. As long as you have a list with enough subscribers already.
  1. Efficient internal communication. Email is about more than just marketing. Most companies who are sending emails to their customers are probably also exchanging many internal emails. If you can monitor your internal email communication trends, you can identify and improve habits, enabling you to work more efficiently with your team, accomplish more tasks, and improve productivity. As such, improving email efficiency stands to benefit not just your SEO campaign, but all areas of your business.

Things to consider:

  1. Indirect effects. Email marketing has no direct bearing on your search rankings. The content in your emails won’t be indexed by search engines, nor will Google consider your email traffic when calculating your authority. All the effects granted by email are indirect.
  1. Time investment. Even though email doesn’t cost much money to manage, it can take a significant portion of your time. If you plan on taking your email marketing campaign seriously, you’ll need to dedicate time to writing content, coming up with copy, building your campaigns, then testing and monitoring results.
  1. Inconsistent value. There’s no guarantee that email marketing is going to work for your business. It holds different value and applications for different industries, and its potential returns aren’t always predictable.

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