Morning meetings are a mainstay of many businesses. They are critical to keep larger organizations on the same page. The morning meeting is a key ingredient to a smart business.

But are they profitable? They can be. The key is to keep the meeting from draining time and energy from the workday.

Meetings cost money when they waste time. Efficient morning meetings start the work day on a profitable note. Follow these three tips:

Set an agenda

Don’t meet and see what needs to be discussed. Decide what needs to be discussed and then meet. An agenda keeps everyone focused. Circulate agendas the night before so that everyone arrives at work knowing the game plan. And then stick to it.

Set a time limit

With unlimited time, there will be unlimited chatter. Human beings are social creatures. When we get together, we talk. This is fine for social settings, but at the start of the workday, it simply wastes valuable work time. Put a sense of urgency into the meeting; it helps keep everyone focused.

Don’t sit down

Meetings can drag on and on. That’s less likely to happen if the participants can’t get comfortable. Some meetings need chairs, but a quick check in before the work of the day begins does not need to be a marathon session. Standing will help everyone stay focused on speed and efficiency.

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