3 Relationships marketing Tips

What if you could spend one-sixth of your marketing budget and not lose a penny in revenue? It’s not as far-fetched as it might sound, especially if your company is willing to change the way it works and communicates with customers.

Businesses can expect to spend approximately $6 to acquire a new buyer, but only $1 to keep their brand loyalists. The same study found that retaining 5 percent of a company’s customers can increase profits by as much as 95 percent.

Simply put, the secret to record-high revenue this year boils down to relationship marketing, that wonderful thing that makes brand ambassadors tell their friends, “You have to try this!” However, true purchaser allegiance doesn’t happen without careful planning. If businesses want repeat customers to hype their products and services in the coming year, they must ensure customers do more than fall in love with them — they need to stay enamored even after the honeymoon period.

Relationship Marketing Is for the Long Haul

Most relationships are wonderful at first, but they can fizzle out if a give-and-take doesn’t develop. B2B partnerships are no different, so pay attention to client and customer needs to remain appealing. If you ignore the people closest to you, you’ll foster a “churn and burn” cycle that leaves no one — especially your brand — in a winning position.

Is 2018 the year for you to finally get serious about relationship marketing? Take your customer retention and relationships to new heights by following these three guidelines.

1. Make Your Best Brand Impression

It’s an appearance-driven world where each brand impression counts. Is your website dull and dated? Invest in a spanking new site with user-friendly attributes. Do your social presence or brand lack oomph or pizzazz? Conduct market research to rev up your persona.

Visual appeal leaves a lasting impact on customers. In fact, study revealed that adding pictures, info graphics, or other visuals can increase views by as much as 94 percent. The objective of a brand facelift isn’t to generate click-throughs; it’s to think about what your target audience wants and tailor your approach toward it.

Remember: No one wants to put their reputation on the line by passing along boring, irrelevant content. Give customers a reason to get on your bandwagon organically and authentically.

2. Deliver High Quality Touches

Search engine optimization marketing giant Moz conducted an interesting experiment several years ago. After posting blog content every day since its inception, the site began experimenting with how often it delivered content and got surprising results: Quality won over quantity every time.

Instead of bombarding customers with excessive amounts of decent content, deliver high-quality content that touches pain points, but on a less frequent basis. Not sure what your customers want to hear most? Evaluate the questions they ask all the time, then turn those answers into content.

3. Bond With Your Customers

Emotional connections influence three-quarters of consumer purchasing decisions, while subconscious whims drive 90 percent of those choices. Gallup research revealed that forming a connection with potential buyers leads to more conversions and the potential to outsell the competition by as much as 85 percent.

One surefire way to build that bond is through memorable experiences.

It’s time to move your company to a new era of sales built on a foundation of relationship marketing. In the coming 12 months and beyond, seek out touch points that put you and your buyers on the same page. You’ll spend less time and money foraging for clientele, and you’ll get the advantages of committed customers for life.

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