By Sergey Poltev,

I often meet people that have a lot of anxiety using technology, even if it’s part of their business. While IT does involve complex systems, you shouldn’t fear your computer giving an error. Here are three fears I come across, and things you can do to get past them:

Fear of breaking something

Many people are afraid of damaging hardware or losing data if they “press the wrong button.” In most IT systems, there are security mechanisms that will prevent you from making any major changes without checking first.

For example, if you try to delete a file, the computer will ask for confirmation. So long as you pay attention, it’s impossible for you to do any permanent damage. In the event that you do lose an important file, there are programs, like System Restore, which will bring your computer back to where it was before.


Fear of not understanding

Chances are, if you have an IT problem, I guarantee 100 people have had the exact same issue, and another 200 people have offered a solution.

Google is your friend here: type your question using the exact words describing the issue. Why won’t my document print? Let me Google that for you. You can also use YouTube – Need to know how to access your router’s configuration settings? There’s a video on that.

Fear of not asking for help

Lastly, when things go wrong and you don’t know how to fix it, don’t be afraid to call a professional. Our job exists so you don’t need to know everything about IT. Don’t feel guilty asking for help.

Sergey Poltev is IT Solutions Expert for Small & Medium Businesses and an author of upcoming book “The Seven Deadly Computer Sins”. You can reach Sergey by email at

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