“It is only an order card.” It is a phrase you hear from young creatives and marketing personnel all the time. And it is often the most overlooked part of a campaign, landing page or a mail package. But it should never be overlooked. It is your cash register – it is how you could lose a sale if your messaging is complicated and unclear.

We can dive right into talking about digital order forms in order to explore some of the best ways to design landing pages. These methods will help you close a sale instead of frustrating the people who visit your site.

  1. Roadmap: It is very important to have a good layout. You need a clear path for customers to consider. It should be very obvious that they need to go to a particular spot on the site and complete a certain process to complete the order.
  2. Hit them in the face: Do not try to make things too intelligent or cute. You are not trying to lure them in using subtle cues. Make things as obvious and clear as possible, because you do not want your customers to get confused during the process.
  3. Have a page headline: It is so important for each page to have a simple headline that emphasizes the purpose of each page.
  4. Visual cues: People are going to focus their eyes on the pictures and graphics on a page before the words, which is why they should perfectly compliment what you are trying to convey.
  5. Remove clutter: If there is some text that does not belong, or a picture that is unnecessary, get rid of it and make sure you only have relevant items on the page. Sometimes too many pictures and graphics can have the opposite effect you intended, because customers get overwhelmed with too much information.
  6. Contrasting colors: Colors are a great way to get users to pay attention to certain parts of the site. It is a great way to lure them from one portion of the site to another so they complete the process as you want.
  7. Remove navigation: Do not allow people to leave your site or to stop the process. Make sure they only see one possible step in the process – forward.
  8. Sharing: It is also a great idea to add links to social media so that customers can share certain pages on your site with your friends and family. Make these buttons obvious and make sure they are placed in a prominent location.
  9. Credibility and Trust Symbols: Customers respond to visual cues, as we already mentioned. If you have any endorsements from prominent figures, make sure they are front and center. If you have any positive customer reviews or videos of customer reviews, place them in a visible location on the site as well. But do not overload the pages with testimonials, because it can make them seem fake and disingenuous.
  10. Regular conventions: It is important to use normal conventions throughout your site and during any form-completion steps you need your customers to go through. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, because it only makes things more confusing.
  11. Make sure all the pages on your site are optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, because more people now navigate the internet through their phones.
  12. Testing: Do not forget the importance of testing every element on your site. If something is not tested, there is a greater chance of it breaking down when the customer attempts to complete an order. And the last thing you want is customers who cannot buy items from your site because the pages do not work properly.

Keep in mind the importance of having effective landing pages on your site. Keep things simple and clear, because the design of your landing pages can play a big role in how customers respond to your promotions, products and services.

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